Why choose Bromley Combat Sports?

We are not just any Martial Art!!! We don’t just punch and kick!!!
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Bromley Combat Sports offers a dynamic, innovative approach to martial arts training that is now recognised as the fastest growing martial art in the Bromley area. Bromley Combat Sports is a reality based training system, we cover all aspects of real self defence, and combat sports like boxing, Muay Thai, MMA & BJJ.

What makes us different?

Many of the traditional martial arts movements are difficult to learn and unrealistic in actual self defence or sports combat, even though they look very impressive.
Bromley Combat sports movements are EASY TO LEARN and are VERY EFFECTIVE.
From your very first lesson your techniques are Effective.

We also have separate competition classes with members competing at K1, MMA, Boxing, BJJ and Thai Kick boxing to a very high standard. With competitions for children and adults.

The Head coaches Qualifications

The Head Coach at Bromley Combat Sports is the only instructor qualified under the legendary Geoff Thompson (Famous Martial Artist/boxer and BAFTA award winning writer) in the area in the Real Combat System.

Other Qualifications.

Instructor under Geoff Thompson
4th Dan Watson Free Style Street Defence
Instructor Rider Martial Arts
Krav Maga coach
3rd Dan Korean Martial arts
1St Dan Brithai Karate
1st Dan Judo
Blue Belt BJJ
MMA Instructor & Kickboxing Instructor & fighter
Boxing coach

The head coach has now dedicated his life to coaching and has been involved in the Martial Arts/combat for over 30 years and first starting training martial arts in 1978.

At Bromley Combat Sports we have a team of friendly coaches and assistant coaches here ready to make your classes the most exciting and rewarding as possible.
What you will expect at Bromley Combat Sports, you will get fit and feel healthier you will learn quickly and effectively how to protect yourself & family, there are no hidden mysteries which you find in other styles, you will gain confidence, you will become stronger with greater muscle tone, children will become more respectful, you will have focus and goals to aim for, we leave no stone unturned and you will become a complete Martial Artist.