Frequently Asked Questions


What is BCS Gym ?

BCS is the largest organisation in the Bromley area with our full time centre in Homesdale Road, our schools teach k1 & Thai kickboxing ( 6 xs World Champion)Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing ( With Ex Pro boxer) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by British & European champion.

All headed and overseen by Martial Arts expert and Geoff Thompson instructor with over 30 years in Martial Arts.




Do I have to be fit to train at BCS ?

No you don’t. Whatever your standard of fitness and whatever class you decide to start in we can work with you and through regular consistent training you will enjoy increased level of strength, stamina and flexibility. You don’t need to be fit to start, we’ll make you fit!!


What is the time table ?

You can see our current timetable of classes by clicking here


What classes can I do ?

We have classes in Krav Maga, k1-& Thai kick-boxing, boxing, Brazilian Jiu JitSu and MMA we have a class to suit everyone.

What age do you have to be?

We have programs and classes for all ages starting from 5 years old.

Are there gradings?

We operate to a grading syllabus Only in the BJJ and Krav Maga classes -Everyone can use the grading system to gauge their progress and these are  awarded when achieved.

Can I compete?

We  have an active competing team from the juniors up and we’re affiliated with GF Team.

Do I have to fight?

No, you don’t need to fight, sparring is optional.

How much does it cost?

Our Gym offers an excellent value for money membership covering all tuition needed for successful training.

Your instructor will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding pricing options on your free trial.

Our prices start from;

Child  - £39per month

Adult Standard - £49per month 12 months -£59 per month 6 months – £69 per month 3months.

Adult Unlimited - £79per month 7 days a week all classes

Ladies Fitness Class - £10 per class and includes boxing, fitness and kickboxing burning 1000 calories.

Private 1-2-1 sessions – £30 per hour  - 2 per week £60 – 3 per week £70 – 4 per week £80.

Private 1-2-1s can be shared in a group, we also offer 5 rounds on the pads for either boxing or Muay Thai kickboxing for £10.






What should I do now?

Click on our Join Now option in order to book your first lesson