Fitness from Boxercise


These are our ladies only classes Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am £10 per session. Lady coach.

Boxercise combines aerobic and anaerobic work outs, which include using fast & slow twitch muscles, hand-eye co ordination, balance and timing.

Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of exercise burning up to 1000 calories in one hour, it’s fun, it’s safe,stress busting and very addictive, it’s suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.

Our highly trained and friendly instructors will assist you in achieving your goals of outstanding health, fitness and enable you to lead a safe and healthy life. People of all ages can come and enjoy the benefits of our Boxercise and fitness training.

The Boxercise classes combine boxing type circuit training & fitness, boxing & kick boxing techniques without contact, hitting bags, large padded shields or focus pads. Those that don’t want to kick can just stick to the punching. The classes are upbeat and you won’t get bored as you will learn new combinations as you improve.

Levels of intensity, frequency and duration can all be adapted to suit the needs of the individual. The learning environment is fun, safe, friendly and allows individuals to learn at their own pace.